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My newest painting – Sadie

posted on: August 16th by Sanne Beavin

sadie.dogSo I had a grand time painting one of my fave ” grand babies” Sadie. Even though I worked from a photograph I took of her I found it so fascinating how she didn’t come to life until I had painted in both eyes. Before that I couldn’t get the hair just so, the shape of her head…. Nothing was going right…and then aaaah there she is. Funny how our brain works aye?  We are such soul creatures…connected by our spirits much more than the flesh ! If you have a beloved pet…. Any species….well maybe not snakes…..they scare me … I would love to paint them for you .

Animals have such personality that they show in such unusual ways….. Like when they are happy they wag their tail …..we can’t do that ! Or when they  are angry the hair stands up on the back of their neck….now when does any human see the hair stand up on the back of our neck…..we’ll maybe that one man with the charming hairy back :)….. Just sayin’ …..Now  when they are quissical about something, they cock their head to one side and raise an ear….we sort of do that…except for that ear….again maybe that was noticeable before I had my ear plastic surgery… Tee heee…..actually the funny thing about that was that when people saw me with a bandaged up head ( yes just like in the cartoons when you see the whole head bandaged up after a rabbit falls ) and I told them why….most of them said ” what was wrong with your ears??? ” we live with such phobias! Now looking back my ears didn’t stick out that badly but I was so badly teased as a child. Kids would say to me” lookout it’s a windy day..Dumbo’ s gonna fly”. Before that time I had no idea I had big ears !

Sometimes it’s nice to be a grownup and be comfortable in your own skin :)

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Christmas 2014 painting

posted on: February 1st by Sanne Beavin

imageA little late…… I’ve got to learn to work this blog right in the midst of my busyness. But I guess it’s never too late to share what inspired me this last Christmas season. I so loved painting this one.

It depicted the miraculous Event that God ordained to happen just for us mankind. I imagined this couple Mary and Joseph and their tiny world saving miracle… The Son of God… all those years ago, would be drinking in this spectacular moment in time. I saw God represented in this little family through Mary, filled with that supernatural energy  of having just given birth, as the perfect Mother Love of God covering her beloveds with the garment of Holiness. I saw the sleeping Joseph, exhausted from not only the last hours but the worry of the last nine months, yet with a perfectly contented smile on his face as he holds his baby right up to his chest, showing the perfect Father Love of God. The baby, covered completely in his own garment of Holiness, is The Son of God. The sheep Joseph is sleeping against, is the symbolic foreshadowing of The Lamb of God.

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A little more of my art

posted on: August 21st by Sanne Beavin

benchaudreybonnieI love to paint on any surface that can tell a story or brighten up a view. The bench I painted for a client who loves flowers, and reds and oranges so I used one of  my Chinese brush painting subjects to make a happy place that was elegant and versatile.

The little paintings are a few more of the ongoing orders I have. I think my favorite thing is the smile on my clients face when they open up the finished  package. They make such fun gifts. You know they can live on the corner of a desk, or your bedside table or  hang out with a little potted plant in the window sill….or sit on a little side table on the porch  next to your favorite reading chair .

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My latest work

posted on: August 20th by Sanne Beavin

avaSo I’ve been getting lots of orders for some of my little personalized 3″x3″ paintings on their little easels and now also a few more slightly larger ones 6″x 10″ , 8″x 12″  . I love the way I get a tiny peek into the window of the lives who I am making these for, as I ask people to not only give me this person’s favorite colors  ( who this is for and often don’t even know )  but their passions or hobbies or favorite things to do . It is so fun to think outside the box and do…. say…a giraffe in blues and greens, or a fairy wearing a leopard print skirt !  It just makes me smile …..and when it’s done I can barely stand to give them up ! It’s sort of like writing a miniature book ! The character comes alive and then it has to leave and go to its new family !  So here’s a sample of a few and then check my website for more .

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What I’ve been up to lately

posted on: August 19th by Sanne Beavin

imageI was inspired by two words pastor Blake used to explain  ‘God’s playlist’ sermon series at my church – Harbor Covenant. The words are ” movement” and “mood”. He spoke about the way songs travel throughout the Bible. The bicycle wheels create movement and the colors evoke mood. They hang in an undulating pattern with notes and a treble clef, to embody a song in God’s Playlist. I used red for The sermon on Job and yellow for the Psalm of Thanksgiving sermon etc. I challenged the congregation, as they listened, to decide what colors sing for them.

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The Breath Left Behind

posted on: June 19th by Sanne Beavin

So I was going through my poetry file and smiled when I found this one. It brought back such wonderful memories of the adventure to Normandy and Paris Gene and I went on in May 2009 with 6 of his high school buddies of some 60 years ago at least ! I had a hard time keeping up with this crazy bunch……..but the power of this visit underlying the shenanigans was something that will stay with me forever…….so here it is…… (more…)

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There is this thing called Art.

posted on: June 5th by Sanne Beavin

There is this thing called Art.

How do you describe it?

Is it something so elusive,

you can barely hold it

between the fingers of your mind?

 Does it feel like velvet caramels,

or wispy clouds of fire and ice

or fine bright clear hot glass ……

flowing ….. (more…)

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